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Processing Fish

Additional Details on Processing

Your daily catch is picked up immediately upon our return to the dock so that can meticulously portion, vacuum seal and flash freeze your fish, locking in its freshness.

Processing and caring of your ‘Catch’:

*Processing is the custom cutting of your seafood harvest. It is done daily to your or your parties specifications.

​How does it work?

Each day from your crew you will each receive a “menu” – which we refer to as a fish transfer form. This form has IMPORTANT uses. Forms are completed daily by each angler, and are used to detail the fish and specific cuts the angler would like to receive from their fish preparation.


This is required:

  • It is required by A.D.F.G happy, Alaska Fish and Game.

  • It gives you daily options for custom cutting, including any special processing requests.

  • It tells us daily of your processing decisions, how the group split, if applicable is to be done, your departure day, your carrier, your flight time and flight number, and all the info we need to clearly address your box(s) for the airlines, so that you receive it at your final destination,


Your captain calls us via cell phone or VHF when he is 30 minutes from his slip:

  • We meet your boat. The days harvest is segregated properly into totes, with the corresponding fish transfer forms and taken to our facility to be processed.

  • Your fish forms follow your harvest throughout the entire process from beginning to end.

Anger’s harvests are organized daily in our freezers by a “GROUP NAME”:

  • Your form follows your harvest through the entire process to ensure the fish you get is the fish you caught.

  • Your harvest is the cut per your instructions, labeled, vacuum sealed in a high quality 8x12 4mil. pouch and frozen to -25 degrees and boxed properly for travel.

  • Each pouch is labeled, frozen and kept separate from other fish.

  • We do dot swap out the previous day’s frozen, with today’s fresh. PERIOD. Your harvest is portioned in servings for 2.

  • Tails are 1 per pouch if it is a King Salmon, if you are having company, take more out of the freezer – we will not send you home with HUGE pieces that are impossible to deal with unless you want us to.

  • Your harvest will be ready for your individual departure day following your final day of sport fishing.

On departure day, we box your harvest per instructions on the forms you submitted daily:

  • If you are a party of 4 – and all in the same group, you will pick ONE group name. Don’t change it. There will be a place on the form for you to specify number of anglers in this “split”.

  • When we Box for departure we will then assure that each BOX 1 is exactly the same for each angler in that group, each BOX 2 is exactly the same for each angler in that group


  • There is an additional cost for smoking your ‘catch’. The cost is 5.00lb. on the incoming weight. You are receiving back the fish you harvested and turned in to have smoked. This does not have to be part of a “group split”, but that does need to be specified on the fish transfer form.


  • Fishing 2 days – you can turn in your fish for smoking on day 1 (if time allows for my smoker)

  • Fishing 3 days – you can turn in your fish for smoking on day 1

  • Fishing 4 days – you can turn in your fish for smoking on day 1 and day 2

  • Fishing 5 days – you can turn in your fish for smoking on day 1, 2 and 3



Your daily processing options include: Fillets, Steaks, Butterfly Fillets, in the Round and Whole Side Fillets for your back-yard party. Each and every day you may change your mind, meaning if you do steaks one day you may choose fillets the next. Variety is a great thing!



  • We have the ability to hold your seafood, and ship it to you via FEDERAL EXPRESS or ALASKA AIR CARGO (preferred) upon your arrival home.

  • For extended hold overs, a storage fee will apply. Typically, we will ‘hold’ at no added charge for 2 weeks from your fishing day. We cannot hold fish after 8/20

  • Shipping cost are not paid by Alaskan Sport CaughtSeafood LLC, it is the responsibility of the recipient or angler.

  • Cost will depend on weights and shipping locations.


* Remember if flying your seafood will count as checked baggage, so we suggest you travel lightly with carry-on luggage only.

Additional Details on Fish Processing


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